Meet the Management and Staff

The Brokers/Co-owners

t    rich    bobbie
               Tom Figlan                        Richard Kolb                          Bobbie Rasmussen

Rich Kolb, Bobbie Rasmussen, and Tom Figlan are three of the most active, responsive, and knowledgeable owner/managers in the real estate industry. They have been a growing part of the community for over 20 years. Dedication to their agents and customers, and the desire to provide the best real estate agents and customers, and the desire to provide the best real estate services possible are among the reasons why Advantage Realty Inc. is now one of the largest single office's in the state of Michigan.


The Support Staff


Caitlin Jordan
Sharon Barnes

Caitlin designs and prints personalized brochures, flyers, and mailers to help market agents and their listings. She does website development and tours. If you have any specialized work, she can help you with it.


Sharon Barnes is undoubtedly one of the most important assets of Advantage Realty Inc. As the staff accountant, Sharon handles the deposits, billing, and most importantly the commission checks! When you have a closing, Sharon will see to it that you will get paid the same day!

Short Sales
Pat Gray
Diane LaJoye

Pat is the coordinator of the closings.  She works hand in hand with the buyers, sellers, agents, mortgage companies, inspectors, appraisals... you name it she does it.  When it comes to getting your house sold Pat is the person making sure all the details are in place before you make the final signature and hand over the keys.


Diane is responsible for coordinating the short sale deals in our office.  She negotiates with the banks, sellers, and agents to make sure our customers get the highest quality of service possible.  Her persistence and patience pays off when the closings come in.  She is a vital resource to all of our agents.


Data Administration 
Call Coordinator
Rebecca Fitzgerald
Alex Mercadante

Rebecca is the data administration, but around the office, you can ask her anything and she'll have the answer.  Essentially, she's the mortar between the bricks.  The end result is a satisfied buyer or seller who will want to come back to Advantage Realty, Inc. again for the same outstanding service.

Alex is the smile that comes through the phone every day, and be careful when you call--because it just might be contagious!  She is also very experienced with the office systems and technology and is always eager to assist clients and customers in any way she can.